Monday, April 26, 2010

Lucky Thompson: Tricotism (1956)

Absolutely essential listening and criminally out of print in the US (Fresh Sounds has lately repackaged it in Spain, but it's hard to tell if they have any more legitimate rights to it that you and I do).

Thompson's rapport with Oscar Pettiford is wonderful, especially on the drummerless trio sessions. And the six quintet tunes are jewels of a type that most musicians have chosen to ignore since the rise of hard bop 50 long years ago, formulaic in their way but flawless.

Plus, despite the durability of the Pettiford's title tune, no one seems to have any idea what the hell tricotism might be.

On tracks #1-4 and 9-12
Lucky Thompson: ts
Clifton 'Skeeter' Best: g
Oscar Pettiford: b

On tracks #5-8 and 13-16
Lucky Thompson: ts
Jimmy Cleveland: tb
Hank Jones: p (#5-8)
Don Abney: p (13-16)
Osie Johnson (d)

1 Bo-Bi, My Boy
2 OP Meets LT
3 Tricotism
4 Deep Passion
5 Old Reliable
6 Translation
7 Tom-Kattin
8 A Lady's Vanity
9 Dancing Sunbeam
10 Mister Man
11 The Plain But the Simple Truth
12 Little Tenderfoot
13 Once There Was
14 N.R. #1
15 N.R. #2
16 Good Luck

All compositions by Lucky Thompson except #2 by Thompson and Oscar Pettiford, #3 by Pettiford, and #4, which, despite the title, is really "Body and Soul" (Johnny Green).

#1-4 recorded NYC, January 24, 1956
#5-8 recorded NYC, January 30, 1956
#9-12 recorded NYC, December 11, 1956
#13-16 recorded NYC, December 12, 1956


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Nice one - just downloading now. Tricot means knitting in French, so maybe the explanation is there ...

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I already have this one and absolutely love it. Glad to see it here. Hope everyone digs it. Thanks for posting.

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Stunningly fabulous blog dude. Mucho mucho thanks.

Doug said...

Stunningly fabulously blog dude. Mucho mucho thanks.

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Lucky is great.

Terry Lukiwski said...

Tricrotism is the condition of the heart beating in a triplet feel -- so the connection to jazz is obvious.
--- Goober's Pal