Monday, November 9, 2009

Bob Nell: Why I Like Coffee (1991)

Any idiosyncratic pianist and composer from Montana who titles his sole recording under his own name "Why I Like Coffee" can probably count on not calling a lot of attention to himself. Feels more Canadian than high plains to me, with very strong playing from the core trio and fine contributions from guests Walrath and Anderson. Nell's playing and writing both run the gamut from modernist to postmodern, often within the space of a couple of bars, with arrangements to match.

Bob Nell: piano
Kelly Roberty: bass
Brad Edwards: drums
Jack Walrath: trumpet
Ray Anderson: trombone

1- Blues for KB (2:52)
2- Why I Like Coffee (8:37)
3- Emrem (6:14)
4- Nightspot (5:35)
5- Achromaticism (4:03)
6- Taking a Chance on Love (8:18)
7- Fashion Storage (6:27)
8- For Monk (6:47)
9- Cold Feet (4:50)

All compositions except Taking a Chance on Love By Bob Nell, published by Plechmo Music BMI
Taking a Chance on Love by Vernon Duke and John Latouche, published by EMI Music Publishing

Producer: Wayne Horvitz
Recorded at Skyline Studios, New York City, November 25 & 26, 1991


Festoonic said...

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il angelo said...

thanks festoonic for this selection, no idea about nell but a very fine and curious stylist. any record with walrath an anderson is worth a prolonged visit.

wouter said...

thank you! i'm listening to jazz for about 35 years, but i had never heard of bob nell... a very worthwile acquisition, thanks to your nice blog!