Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Leon Parker: Belief (1996)

Parker is frequently called a "minimalist," but that applies mostly to his instrument -- often what sounds like a standard trap kit minus a high hat (it's striking how much real estate the ubiquitous high-hat takes up, and how much the music opens up when it's absent). On this record, his second as a leader, Parker plays more percussion than drum set, and all kinds of vistas appear. But Parker sounds like himself whatever you put in his hands. In that respect, he's like the pianist Jackie Terrasson, in whose trio Parker first attracted attention: a unique talent with huge mainstream appeal potential, who, for reasons unknown, fails to draw the audience he deserves.

Leon Parker: dr, voc, perc
Steve Wilson: saxophones, fl
Steve Davis: trb
Tom Harrell: trp, flgl
Lisa Parker: fl
Ugonna Okegwo: b
Adam Cruz: p, steel pan, marimba, perc
Natalie Cushman: perc, voc

Ray Of Light (5:45)
Village Song: Africa (2:51)
Close Your Eyes (5:59)
Calling Out (4:57)
Belief (5:53)
Horizon Azul (5:34)
Wide Open (4:10)
First Child (2:46)
In A Sentimental Mood (4:40)

Recorded at Sonalysts Studio, Waterford, CT, US


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Beautiful record! Thanks!

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Listen to Brad Mehldau and Peter Bernstein do "Belief" on the Consenting Adults cd

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Thanks.. lost this a few years ago so good to have it back.

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Thank you :D so much for sharing this happy music :)