Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lee Konitz: Rhapsody (1993)

Seven very different sessions with seven combinations of players, ranging from duets to sextet, recorded over two months in 1993. What they have in common, of course, is Konitz, who has probably never repeated any three consecutive notes in the course of a 60+ year career.

1. I Hear A Rhapsody (Baker - Gasparre - Bard - Fragos)

Lee Konitz (as), Peggy Stern (p), Helen Merrill (vcl) [7-29-93]
2. Lo-Ko-Mo and Frizz (Konitz - Lovano - Motian - Frisell)
Lee Konitz (as, ss, ts), Joe Lovano (ss, ts, a-cl), Bill Frisell (g), Paul Motian (ds) [6-20-93]
3. The Aerie (Peggy Stern)
Lee Konitz (as), Peggy Stern (p), Ben Allison (b), Jeff Williams (ds), Jay Clayton (vcl) [6-23-
4. Trio #1 (Konitz - Mulligan - Stern)
Lee Konitz (ss), Gerry Mulligan (bar), Peggy Stern (p) [7-14-93]

5. All The Things You Are (Kern - Hammerstein)

Lee Konitz (ss), Jean Francois Prins (g), Judy Niemack (vcl) [7-7-93]

6. Exposition (Konitz, Bley, Guiffre, Peacock)

Lee Konitz (as, ss), Jimmy Giuffre (cl), Paul Bley (p), Gary Peacock (b) [6-21-93]
7. Flyin' - Mumbles and Jumbles (Konitz, Terry)
Lee Konitz (ss, vcl), Clark Terry (fgl, vcl) [7-7-93]

320 kbps rip of Evidence ECD 22117-2


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