Saturday, August 1, 2009

Florian Ross Trio: Blinds and Shades (2003)

Ross' tunes are instantly memorable. Play this once, set it aside for six months and then play it again, and it's a sure thing you'll remember most of tunes on this date.

Scouting for discographical info (eMusic offered its usual "Who, me?" attitude when I downloaded this a few years back; the 2003 date above could be either the recording date or release date) I found reviews that cited Keith Jarrett's Standards trio, John Taylor, and Bill Evans as primary points of departure for this trio. Personally, I don't hear much of the above -- although I do hear a compositional debt to Bill Evans in some of the tunes, and I suppose there's a European flavor to this (Ross is based in Cologne). But mostly, this sounds like nothing so much as this particular Florian Ross trio. Prior and subsequent trios are wonderful, too, but sound like something different, which is as it should be, right? And, oh, yeah: this has got Hollenbeck, too. He's always a mother.

Florian Ross (p)
Remi Vignolo (b)
John Hollenback (ds) tracks 1-6
Martijn Vink (ds) tracks 7-9

  1. Soundcheck
  2. Toss & Turn
  3. Ev'ry Now and Then (Pause and Think Again)
  4. Getting There (Is Half the Fun)
  5. Grande Tristesse
  6. Farewell
  7. Bookend
  8. Julia
  9. Bye Bye Blackbird
  10. Goodbye
All compositions by Florian Ross except #9, by Ray Henderson and Mort Dixon.
320 kbps mp3 rip from eMusic download of Intuition CD 33722


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I agree, a very rereshing cd in the crowded field of piano trios. there is a debt to john taylor in ross' piano technique and harmonic sense (less so here), but the trio conception and compositional ideas are all ross' own.
i think i got these links from avax, ross' big fish, small pond, a good trio record - no hollenbeck this time:


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Danke :)