Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Curtis Clark: Live at the Bimhuis (1988)

Clark is a former ex-pat now relocated to New England. As a pianist, he is remarkably unbeholden to anyone, and his compositions are nearly as individual. This glorious, sprawling and wonderfully accessible date features a first-call quintet of European improvisers and does everything right.

Curtis Clark (piano)
Andy Sheppard (reeds)
Jan Piet Visser (harmonica)
Ernst Reijseger (cello)
Ernst Glerum (bass)
Louis Moholo (drums)

1. Reincarnation Of Biggar Thomas
2. With A Little Help Of (sic) My Friends (Lennon/McCartney)
3. Boo-Related
4. Deep Sea Diver
5. As Time Goes By (
6. Special Delivery
7. Strings Of Ecstasy - (For Django Reinhardt)
8. Boogie Stomp
9. Cosmic Minstrels - (For Amos & Andy)

All compositions by Curtis Clark except as noted.
Recorded October, 1988, Amsterdam.
160 kbps rip of Nimbus West CD.


Festoonic said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this; the band looks great.

Do they really list Carmichael as the composer of "As Time Goes By"? For all of the versions I've seen a credit for composer of this song, it's been Herman Hupfeld.

Anonymous said...

Thankyou Festoonic, Clark is wonderful.

Festoonic said...

No, you're right. I wrote from memory when typing up the credits. And he is pretty wonderful, isn't he?

Ilias said...

Big thanks!

Anonymous said...

I own this CD and it is one of my favorites. What a musician! Definitely underrated.

SlimStew said...

Wow, thanks! Can't wait to hear this and , as a bassist, I'm interested in checking out Glerum, as well.

Cosmo Vitelli said...

I had Clark's trio Home Safely (a little masterpiece) and thank you for the choice to give a listen to this (and buy it, eventually).