Friday, July 3, 2009

Did you hear Michael Jackson died?

I like to think he's jammin' in heaven right now with Sky Saxon and Karl Malden and Farrah Fawcett and making some of the worst music anyone ever heard.

In belated commemoration of his untimely death (or timely death, depending on how you measure success), here's a reminder of the other Michael Jackson — Michael Gregory Jackson — by way of an LP rip I posted months and months ago that you might have overlooked. Seriously badass guitar player, composer and singer, fortunately still alive and well, who created a whole different kind of music alongside Oliver Lake and other heavy hitters in the early-to-mid 70s. This is his second album from 1979, featuring Marty Ehrlich and Baikida Carroll and others
(the first, a drummer-less trio on ESP-Disk is wonderful too and still available in the irregular manner of that label's output). Now with a picture of the correct cover, and appropriately tagged. Turn it up and amaze your friends at your holiday barbeque.

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sasha said...

Yea! Respect the attention you give to the other Michael Jackson's recent passing..An immensely sensitive musician..I would love to hear Oliver Lake's 'Holding Together' again..Had the Black Saint album on vinyl but have long since lost it.