Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wolfgang Lackerschmid: One More Life (1991/1992)

A horrible cover to be sure, but some really fine music inside.

Lackerschmid covers a lot of stylistic ground, a lot of it reminiscent of the Jarrett/Burton recordings of the early 70's (as you might expect given the instrumentation on four of the six tunes). The songs with different personnel are cut from different cloth. Kenny Wheeler and Christoph Lauer take "Iris in the Rain" into the places you'd expect them to go, and the tune with Ray Pizzi on soprano is an very sweet little world music kind of romp. "No Greater Lunch" is an unpretentious swinger, but fails to live up to its wonderful title. Bill Elgart is his usual fabulous self.

Lackerschmid is apparently very well known in Europe, but this was the first and, so far, only work of his I've heard.

An eMusic download from ages ago, so there is no discographical information beyond what I was able to scrounge online. Who wrote these songs? I have no idea. And apparently eMusic didn't want me to know.

On #1-5
Wolfgang Lackerschmid: vb, perc
Milcho Leviev: p
Henning Sieverts: b
Bill Elgart: dr

On #5
add Ray Pizzi: ss

On #6
Kenny Wheeler: tp
Christoph Lauer: ts
Joachim Kühn: p
Palle Daniesson: b
Billy Hart: dr

On #7
Donald Johnston: p
Rocky Knauer: b
Bill Elgart: dr

1. One More Life 6:07
2. Bad Party 5:17
3. Schneeballschlacht 10:04
4. Ten-Sion 5:40
5. Baiao Kathrin 4:05
6. Iris In The Rain 13:39
7. No Greater Lunch 6:42


Festoonic said...

Juan said...

You have quite a collection of tasteful rarities here, I suspect (rarities at least from the point of view of a young jazz fan from the world's margins). Your introduction words, though brief, manage to arouse interest (I've been looking around). Many thanks for sharing this jewels. I have already begun the feast with Lackerschmid (more information about him, in german, at Regards from Buenos Aires.

Winneba said...

Thank you very much for sharing

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. Lackerschmid did several recordings with Chet Baker in the late 70s/early 80s, including "Ballads for Two", "Welcome Back" & "Why Shouldn't You Cry" -- not too hard to track down, I'd recommend you check them out.