Monday, June 29, 2009

Trio M (Melford/Dresser/Wilson): Big Picture (2006)

I've posted this in 160 kbps, because the album is in print and easily available. For the time being, the lower bitrate strikes me as an acceptable compromise that allows me to put this music in front of people who might not know about it otherwise. Presumably, youb'll like what you hear and support the artists by shelling out for the CDs, preferably at your local independent record store or direct from the artists. Just because it's acceptable to me, of course, doesn't guarantee it'll be acceptable to you. If you have qualms about downloading extraordinary music at a lower bitrate than you'd prefer, consider going elsewhere. No hard feelings.

This trio comprises players with prodigious techniques and a world of experience among them. The music caroms inside and out as they see fit, but never gets daunting. Wilson, as always, brings plenty of levity to the proceedings, lifting the darkest of Melford's Eastern European tendencies up out of the gloom, and Dresser sounds more relaxed than I've ever heard him, with some stunning arco work. It's as hip a piano trio as you're likely to hear any time soon.

The order of the songs on the file you download is incorrect for reasons I cannot begin to account for. The order below is the right one.

Myra Melford: p
Mark Dresser: b
Matt Wilson: dr

1. brainFire and bugLight (Melford) 7:36
2. For Bradford (Dresser) 5:15
3. Naive Art (Wilson) 5:43
4. Big Picture (Melford) 13:21
5. Modern Pine (Dresser) 6:54
6. Secrets to Tell You (Melford) 6:02
7. FreeKonomics (Wilson) 5:25

Recorded at Acoustic Recording Studios, Brooklyn, NY, December 18, 2006
160 kbps mp3 from Cryptogramophone CD CG134


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Eduardo said...

I'm a piano player from Argentina, and I was following this site for a cuple of month. You have a great stuff here. For me is too difficult to have access to this kind of jazz, so thank you so much. Feel free to visit my myspace and hear some fo my music:
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E S said...

No need to make any excuses to any us blogosphere downloaders- the only excuse to make is to Myra… And thanks for trying to find a third way…

Slidewell said...

I agree that posting available music at a low bitrate of artists deserving of a wider audience is the way to go. Good compromise.