Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Phillip Wilson Project

A tribute the great St. Louis drummer Phillip Wilson, who was a seminal early figure in the AACM and went on to record with virtually every major figure in the creative improvisational music scene until he was murdered in 1992 at the age of 50.

There are three previously unreleased trio tunes with Lester Bowie and William Parker that are nearly a good as they ought to be, two terrific ones from a Frank Lowe record I know nothing about called "Inappropriate Choices," and two tunes Wilson co-wrote with Bill Laswell that sound to me like everything else Laswell gets his hands on — murky, dense, and not particularly listenable.

There's a very affectionate remembrance of Wilson from a St. Louis writer here, and a few blurry photos of Wilson here. The photo above in lieu of album art is from the latter site and credited to
Franco Cattina. Otherwise there is a criminal paucity of information to be found on line about this wonderful and lamented musician.

Phillip Wilson: dr
Lester Bowie: tr (1, 2, 5)
William Parker: b (1, 2, 5)

Frank Lowe: ts (3, 4)
Carlos Ward: fl, as (3, 4)
James Carter: bari (4)
Michael Marcus: as (4)
Jonas Hellborg: b (6, 7)

Bill Laswell: DMX (6, 7)

Rob Stevens: p (6)

  1. Cool (Bowie) (7:12)
  2. Philadelphia (Wilson) (9:23)
  3. Inappropriate Choices (Lowe) (4:46)
  4. El Haz Malik Shabazz (Lowe) (5:12)
  5. Steel And Breath (Wilson) (5:52)
  6. Baliphone Dub (Laswell/Wilson) (4:26)
  7. Gammatron (Laswell/Wilson) (5:22)

Recorded at Green Point Studios, N.Y.C., April, 1991 & at Evergreen Studios N.Y.C., 1985
(I don't know which sessions were recorded when)

320 kbps mp3 rip from Jazz Door CD 1243.


Festoonic said...


Anonymous said...

He's my favourite drummer, so a special thanks !

sasha said...

A wonderful drummer..Saw him live in The Hague many years ago and have never forgot his imaginative, sensitive playing..Amazing how many great musicians have come out of St.Louis.

mikey said...

Thanks for this--a great comp I'd never seen before.

Anonymous said...

New to me! THANK YOU very + MUCH!

Stylophone 350s said...

As regards to the sessions,Baliphone Dub & Gammatron are from 1985 album "Down by Law". http://musichertz.blogspot.com/2008/08/deadline-down-by-law-1985.html