Monday, June 1, 2009

The Blueprint Project (2003)

Good playing and often memorable songwriting from these three young players from Boston, a scene that's thriving but under-documented. Hired hands Wilson and McBee are engaged enough throughout so they don't sound like ringers. Pianist Roger's "Until We Have Names" will stick in your craw for a long time, and his other two contributions are almost as good. The other tunes on the all-original program are less distinctive but offer interesting frameworks for improvisation, which is spirited and only occasionally too deliberately whimsical for my taste (i.e., Sims' soprano on "The Old Country"). Your results may vary.

Speaking of funny things, Matt Wilson is one of the wittiest players you'll ever hear on any instrument, and is not to be missed if you ever get the chance to see him perform. Fun for the whole family! And Han Bennink played on the subsequent Blueprint Project album.
These guys seem to go for the funny drummers.

Additional fun fact: This record was mixed by Chris Stamey, the guy who co-led powerpop legends the dBs. I think that's pretty cool.

Jared Sims- Sax
Eric Hofbauer- Guitar
Tyson Rogers- Piano
Cecil McBee- Bass
Matt Wilson- Drums

The High Priest's Sermon (Hofbauer)
2. Until We Have Names (Rogers)
3. Abdullah (Rogers)
4. Bench Carvin' (Hofbauer)
5. The Old County (Sims)
6. Molecular Mischief (Hofbauer)
7. Monkey (Sims)
8. Dead Mouse Blues (Rogers)

Recorded Chapel Hill, NC, likely in 2003
320 kbps mp3 rip from Creative Nation Music CD 004


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You're right on about Matt Wilson, ("right on"? reveals an aging hipster doesn't it).

Thanks for the music,

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Here's a link to The Blueprint Project- People I like. This one has Han Bennink on drums!

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No idea about them but what you write wets the appetite

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what a combination of talents..saw matt wilson and bill frisell play together at monterey 09...that's witty!

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Hello from Greece.
PLEASE is it possible to repost this album?
Thanks in advance.