Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Thomas Chapin: You Don't Know Me (1994)

A deluge of work by bassist Mario Pavone recently dropped elsewhere sent me back to the Thomas Chapin stuff I own, and I pulled this one out because I suspected — rightly, it turns out — that I'd been somehow oblivious to its charms last time I played it. It struck me then that this was an unrepentant bid for mainstream attention, and maybe the inclusion of the title tune, a country standard (famously covered by Ray Charles but co-written by Eddy Arnold) played with heart on sleeve and without even a hint of irony, supports that theory. But given the stellar accompaniment and Chapin's usual intensity throughout, nothing here qualifies as a sellout. While it doesn't break any new ground, it doesn't have to, and this is bit as good in its less-adventurous way as any of Chapin's other work -- which is to say, it's very good indeed.

Thomas Chapin: alto and mezzo-sporano saxophones, flute

Tom Harrell: trumpet, flugelhorn

Peter Madsen: piano

Kiyoto Fujiwara: bass

Reggie Nicholson: drums

Safari Notebook (Chapin)

1. Izzit?

2. Kaokoland

3. Kunene

4. Opuwo

5. Namibian Sunset

6. Kura Kura (Chapin)

7. Goodbye (Gordon Jenkins)

8. You Don't Know Me (Cindy Walker/Eddy Arnold)

Recorded August 23 -24, 1994, at RPM Sound Studios, NYC
320 kbps mp3 rip from Arabesque CD AJ0113


Festoonic said...


auggie said...

Thanks. Like you, I'm delinquent in my appreciation of Chapin. I like everything I hear, I just don't listen enough.

il angelo said...

Thanks Festoonic, this was my first and long-lost Chapin, never been able to replace it. very fond memories about it.

Wallofsound said...

Great to see this being shared. I'd recommend any Chapin, and (you're right) although this isn't as adventurous as some of his earlier releases, it does pay repeated listening. Glad you liked the Pavone avalanche as well.

jiiiiiiiq said...

Thanks a lot for this Festoonic, this guy is a new one on me, but I shall certainly be checking him out.

Have you considered using AAC for these lower bit rips? It is by most accounts vastly superior in the lower bit range to mp3. A 160 AAC is similar in reproduction to an mp3 of around 224 or higher.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot, I thought I already had all his albums !

Anonymous said...

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md33 said...

Someone just told me about this guy and have just seen some amazing footage on u-tube, newport jazzzfest, so am looking forward to checking this out...Thanks for sharing...