Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Stephon Harris, Jason Moran, Greg Osby, Mark Shim: New Directions (1999)

Most of the material here recycles familiar tunes from the pre-self-congratulatory phase of Blue Note history, tunes from the label's popular heyday that lend themselves to re-imagining at the hands of these challenging and very gifted young (ca. 1999) players.

Recycling in this case is not to be confused with down-cycling. The skewed arrangements uncover
plenty of unexpected harmonic turns and rhythmic fillips while retaining much of the material's original contours; no one would mistake this for a bunch of guys reading out of the Real Book. This was a working band for a while, and it sounds like one. The playing is meaty and rewarding throughout. Moran, in particular — and as always — is a mother.

Greg Osby: as
Mark Shim: ts
Stefon Harris: vib
Jason Moran: p
Taurus Mateen: b
Nasheet Waits: dr

  1. Theme from "Blow-Up" (Hancock)
  2. The Sidewinder (Morgan)
  3. Ping-Pong (Shorter)
  4. Beatrice (Rivers)
  5. No Room For Squares (Mobley)
  6. Song For My Father (Silver)
  7. Tom Thumb (Shorter)
  8. Commentary On Electrical Switches (Osby)
  9. Big Bertha (Pearson)
  10. Recorda Me (Henderson)
  11. Song Of The Whispering Banshee (Harris)
  12. 20 Questions [false start] (Osby)
  13. 20 Questions (Osby)
Recorded at the Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey on May 10-11, 1999. Produced by Greg Osby and Michael Cuscuna.


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My oh my, what a treat! Thank you sir.

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A great set from a group of guys who somehow hang together really well and make something new out of a group of standards. Many thanks to you for this to add to the collection

Roger (UK)

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thank you!