Friday, May 1, 2009

Joe Morris Trio: Symbolic Gesture (1993)

For my money this is as close to straight ahead as Morris ever gets, even though as a general thing he eschews both changes and the chords that keep them in relief for the listener. Still, you may note a bluesier feel to some of this material, and the the masterful rhythm team of McBride and Newton never fails to swing even in the absence of time.

Joe Morris (g)
Nate McBride (b)
Curt Newton (d)
  1. Invisible [9:07]
  2. Lowell's House [14:05]
  3. Symbolic Gesture [13:34]
  4. Finite / Margin [9:26]
  5. The Lookman [7:37]
[All Compositions, Joe Morris]

Recorded June 12, 1993 at The Outpost, Stoughton, MA, US
mp3 rip from Soul Note CD 121204-2


Festoonic said...

zebtron said...

Thanks Fest--I'm a big Morris fan

jiiiiiiiq said...

thanks guv!

unitstructure said...

I've been enjoying this alot!Thanks for putting this up.A couple of years after this recording I had the good luck of seeing Morris in a trio with different players but also great.

LOPEZZ said...

tHANK yOU!!!

frenchienick said...

Yes thanks for this, even as a student of his I've had trouble finding certain recordings...