Thursday, May 14, 2009

Jane Bunnett, Stanley Cowell, Dewey Redman: Spirituals and Dedications (2001)

Now that I've rediscovered this record, I'm off to do my homework. You don't know Jane Bunnett either? Shame on us both. Excellent credentials: she studied soprano with Steve Lacy, recorded and toured extensively with Don Pullen, and was way ahead of the curve in bringing Cuban music to North American audiences. Keeps good company, too — Cowell is magnificent on this date. She'd almost certainly be better known if she were male and not Canadian, but the good news is she has health insurance where lots of better-known US musicians don't, so maybe it all comes out in the wash.

Jane Bunnett : flute, soprano saxophone
Stanley Cowell : piano
Dewey Redman : tenor saxophone
Dean Bowman : voice
Larry Cramer : flugelhorn,trumpet
Kieran Overs : acoustic bass
Mark McLean : drums

1. Don's Light (Jane Bunnett)
2. A Laugh For Rory (Rahsaan Roland Kirk)
3. I'm Gonna Tell God (Traditional)
4. Illusion Suite (Stanley Cowell)
5. Shadrack (Robert MacGimsey)
6. Cal Massey (Stanley Cowell)
7. Powerful Paul Robeson (Clifford Jordan)
8. Nobody Knows (Traditional)
9. Ecclusiastics (Charles Mingus)
10. Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child (Traditional)

Recorded February 25 & 26, 2001
eMusic download of Justin Time CD


Festoonic said...

jazzme said...

Jane Bunnett plays at a free festival we have in London Canada she does generic jazz now

tommy_cooper said...

A couple of heavywieghts in there too, this should be good. Thanks Festoonic. ;)

Simon666 said...

What a fantastic version of "Illusion Suite". Thanks a lot Festoonic.

ish said...

Thanks for this. I heartily recommend Bunnett's album "Spirits of Havana" performed with roots musicians in Cuba.

corvimax said...

one of the most beautiful find
thank you so much
spirits of havana? i follow

g.raf said...

Thanks for introducing me to jane bunnett.
Some really beautiful tunes on this.

Jur said...

Thanks a lot. This album is very special. "Don's light" is my favourite track.


il angelo said...

sweet, very sweet, so different from the latin thing Ihave listened from her. Thanks a real find.

Anonymous said...

yes, i thank you for this. didn't even know about it. also thank you for all the things i mined. keep up the good work. yr pal, the lurker.

sasha said...

Absolutely killer version of 'illusion suite'..Reminds me of Andy Bey on one of Stanley Clarke's early 70's sessions..Full of that deep feeling..Very moving..Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

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Kioto said...

Great find..Thanks...A new one on me but keeping fine company here, and Im a sucker for "spirituals". Nicely stated re:health insurance, made me laugh....

klakadak said...

Beautiful, beautiful music! Thanks a lot for the share.

unitstructure said...

Thanks for sharing this.I agree with the above "Illusion Suite" comment.For a Cowell fan like myself this is very interesting listening.Cool to hear another side of the versatile Dewey Redman. Someone who knows his work with ornette or the impule 70's records or black saint wouldbe hard pressed to identify him here.He sounds great though.Thanks again.

Guelda said...

Hi, I just listened to a few of the tracks, this sounds really good ! The flute solo on "Illusion's suite" is incredible.

Thanks for sharing with us such beauty