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Gary Peacock and Bill Frisell: Just So Happens (1994)

Outside of musician circles, Frisell was not a well-known player when these duets were recorded in 1994. But in the years since, the guitarist has released probably twice as many records under his own name as Peacock has in the course of his 40-plus-year career. That may have something to do with how guitarists sell more records than bass players as a general thing, or it may be the result of recording industry conspiracy, but whatever the reason, it's a shame. Peacock is a fine composer, and comfortable in the role of leader. Even while Frisell indulges his now-trademark penchant for Americana and major triads, Peacock is by far the more confident and powerful voice, as per the second of the two very different versions of "Home on the Range." That's not to denigrate Frisell, though. It's striking how fully-developed his conception was almost from the beginning, and he pretty much invented a genre all his own. That's no small thing.

Gary Peacock: bass
Bill Frisell: electric guitar (acoustic guitar on #9)

  1. Only Now - 4:40 (Gary Peacock, Bill Frisell)
  2. In Walked Po - 6:14 (Gary Peacock, Bill Frisell)
  3. Wapitis Dream - 3:21 (Gary Peacock, Bill Frisell)
  4. Home On The Range - 3:30 (Traditional)
  5. Home On The Range - 5:05 (Traditional)
  6. Through A Skylight - 2:53 (Gary Peacock, Bill Frisell)
  7. Red River Valley - 3:01 (Traditional)
  8. Reciprocity - 4:34 (Gary Peacock)
  9. Good Morning Heartache - 5:25 (Ervin Drake, Dan Fisher, Irene Higginbotham)
  10. N.O.M.B. - 4:53 (Gary Peacock)
  11. Just So Happens - 7:54 (Gary Peacock, Bill Frisell)

February 17 & 18, 1994, Electric Lady Studios, New York City
320 kbps mp3 rip from Postcards CD 1005


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