Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ben Waltzer: In Metropolitan Motion (1999)

Another jewel from the dimly-lit jazz section at eMusic, where improvised music is tossed to gather dust, destined to be found only by the profoundest serendipity. Cleaver, Lightcap and McHenry, all fire-breathers today, were mere pups when this was recorded, but all sound terrific and identifiably themselves. As for Waltzer, I don't know anything except this record and a trio session from the same source (with Reid Anderson and Jordi Rossy), that he's connected to the jazz department at Columbia, and that he can apparently play absolutely anything he has a mind to.

Ben Waltzer (p)
Bill McHenry (ts)
Gerald Cleaver (d)
Chris Lightcap (b)
Mohammed Naseehu Ali (d, djimbe)

1. El abandono (B.Waltzer)
2. Crooked Timber (B.Waltzer)
3. La Ville Tentaculaire (B.Waltzer)
4. Par(Nas)Se (B.Waltzer)
5. Rumination, Prenzlauerberg (B.Waltzer)
6. Kira Da Anshi (I) (M.Naseehu Ali-G.Cleaver)
7. Arbella (B.Waltzer)
8. Bass Line (B.McHenry)
9. The Blonde Bedouin (B.Waltzer)
10.Rumination, Orianenburh Str (B.Waltzer)
11.Kira Da Anshi (II) (M.Naseehu Ali-G.Cleaver)
12.Sooky-Sooky Now (B.Waltzer)
13.Prelude #4 (D.Shostakovich)
14.Layla’s Dream (B.Waltzer)
15.Port Royal (B.Waltzer)
16.Rumination, Dasein Blues (B.Waltzer)

Recorded in New Jersey, October 6-7, December 11, 1999


Festoonic said...

olie said...

been wanting to hear this for a while, thanks!

jiiiiiiiq said...

Thanks a bundle Festoonic. This issa dam good stuff indeed!

You keep surprising me with artists I never heard before, but should have, so for that, I am deeply in your debt.

Festoonic said...

Aww. Thanks.

Yusef said...

Never heard of this one. I'm familiar with some of the other musicians. Currently downloading.
Eager to listen to this one. The critic at allmusic only gave it 3 stars. Their 3 stars is usually 4 and above for this listener's ear.
Bigtime Thank You for your amazing blog....