Friday, April 24, 2009

Ricky Ford: Loxodonta (1977)

Here's an interesting record I dropped elsewhere but never posted here. The material is challenging and often bracing, and the playing is consistently excellent. But I'm still not sure quite what I think of it. Like most of the New World releases I've heard, we can thank my local library.

Ricky Ford: ts
Bob Neloms: p
Richard Davis: b
Dannie Richmond: dr
Oliver Beener: tr
Charles Sullivan: tr
James Spaulding: as
Janice Robinson: trb
Jonathan Dorn: tuba

1 Loxodonta Africana (
Ricky Ford)
2 Ucil (
Ricky Ford)
3 Blues Peru (
Ricky Ford)
4 Dexter (
Ricky Ford)
5 My Romance (Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart)
6 One Up, One Down (John Coltrane)
7 Aerolinos (
Ricky Ford)

Recorded June, 1977, NYC
Arranged by Paul Jeffrey
320 kbps mp3, from New World CD 80204