Thursday, April 16, 2009

Masabumi "Poo" Kikuchi: Tethered Moon (1991)

Supposedly Kikuchi's session, but imagine how in-charge you'd feel if Gary Peacock and Paul Motian came over to your house to play with you. To my ears this is much livelier and less austere than the band's subsequent recordings, although you'll hear echoes of all the seminal piano trio sessions the bassist and drummer helped define over the last fifty or so years. Some people are bothered by Kikuchi's humming and groaning (even more pronounced than Jarrett's), but I like the way it seems to reflect the fever pitch of his imagination. Love his frenzied deconstruction of "Misterioso," especially.

Masabumi "Poo" Kikuchi: p
Gary Peacock: b
Paul Motian: dr

  1. You're My Everything
  2. Misterioso
  3. So in Love
  4. Moniker
  5. P.S.
  6. Moor
  7. Tethered Moon
Recorded at The Power Station, New York, New York from November 16-18, 1991


Festoonic said...

moha said...

Thank You, great! Perhaps You haven't seen my favourite:

Festoonic said...

Thank you, Moha. I don't know this one at all, and I'm eager to hear it!

sitarswami said...

Thank you for this, Peacock's Eastward is great. I'm still looking for Poesy with Kikuchi & Peacock.

sitarswami said...

Thank you for this Kikuchi lp. I love Peacock's Eastward. I'm still looking for Kikuchi&Peacock's Poesy. To my ears Jarrett's moaning is much more annoying than Kikuchi's.

Festoonic said...

I found Poesy somewhere a while back -- wish I could remember where -- but it's worth the search.