Monday, April 20, 2009

Billy Hart: Quartet (2005)

What seems like an unlikely ensemble on paper makes perfect sense and remarkable music in practice. Iverson's unmistakable piano conception is responsible for much of the band's character and its steadfast avoidance of cliché (and also certain harmonic similarities to Iverson's more-notorious rent-paying band). Street is way overdue for more attention; hasn't he written an album's worth of tunes by now? And Turner keeps getting better and better, but was already a badass when this was recorded in 2005. And what more do you need to know about Mr. Billy Hart, one of the world's greatest living jazz musicians? The result is hip and surprisingly heartfelt in places and just plain smoking throughout. What, you couldn't have figured that out for yourself?

Truthfully, this doesn't meet the "hard-to-find" criterion I set up for this blog, so if you like this — and you will — you owe it yourself and to the musicians to buy it.

Mark Turner: ts
Ethan Iverson: p
Ben Street: b
Billy Hart: dr

1. Mellow B (Iverson)
2. Moment's Notice (Coltrane)
3. Charvez (Hart)
4. Confirmation (Parker)
5. Lorca (Hart)
6. Irah (Hart)
7. Lullaby For Imke (Hart)
8. Iverson's Odyssey (Turner)
9. Neon (Iverson)

Recorded October 14, 2005 at Ambient Recording, Easton, Connecticut, US.
153 MB mp3 rip from an eMusic download of High Note HCD 7158


Festoonic said...

Anonymous said...

Nice album, thank you very much. Cooljazz

auggie said...

Will certainly give this a listen. Thanks.

zebtron said...

thanks festoon--what a great band

troods said...

Got here through King Cake site. I'll be up all night, judging by the look of this fantastic spot. Thank you so much for your generosity and good taste!!!

Festoonic said...

You're welcome. If I get sore effusive praise, maybe I'll post some more good stuff soon.

Guelda said...

Thank you very much for allowing us to discover such great music ! Be sure I'll buy it if I appreciate

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fantastic! thanks a lot!