Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tom Varner: Second Communion (2000)

A beautiful record entirely on its own terms, but especially interesting in the way it demonstrates how Cherry's innovations have become as much a part of the contemporary jazz language in their way as 12-bar blues. Also a surprisingly restrained recording, given how fiery all the players can be. It's also interesting, personally, because I tend to think of these guys as representing a new wave of their own, but somehow over the years they've become elders.

Tom Varner
, French horn
Tony Malaby
, tenor saxophone
Cameron Brown, bass
Matt Wilson
, drums, percussion
with Pete McCann, guitar
Dave Ballou
, cornet

1. Watts '56

Complete Communion (Cherry)
2. Golden Heart
3. And Now
4. Remembrance (My Folks)
5. Paris Ambulance Song / Complete Communion (Reprise)

6. Cherryco (Cherry)
7. Don's Big View
8. Leaving Malaga
9. Elephantasy (Cherry)
10. Don's Hymn

All compositions by Tom Varner, except as noted by Don Cherry
Recorded 28-29 September 2000 at Tedesco Studios in Paramus, New Jersey
155.3 MB 320 kbps mp3, from Omnitone 12102.


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il angelo said...

Thanks Festoonic, heard some of his older stuff, thoughtfull composer, some very emotional themes, virtuoso player, excellent bands, what else can you ask for? Of course, play Second Communion

E-mile said...

Thanx Festoonic, this music REALLY speax to me! Wonderful tunes!!
peace, E-mile

Anonymous said...

Big, big thank you.

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thanks, much appreciated. i saw varner's band perform this material live in boston, and it was great. cheers, mb

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thank you very much