Friday, March 20, 2009

Motian/Nabatov/Schuller/Tuncboyaci: Circle the Line (1986)

No one gets top billing on this recording; it seems we're supposed to read Circle the Line as the name of this combination of musicians as much as the name of the album. But I'd put my money on Schuller being the guiding light. He gets the spotlight on two tunes — "My One and Only Love" is unaccompanied, and "Lush Life" is a bass solo with accompaniment, and both are wonderful — and the others, all originals, feel like collective affairs, in the sense that this combination of players never devolves into anything like formulaic piano-trio territory. If you've never heard Nabatov before this is a good starting point. And the percussionist appears on only one tune, in case that kind of thing makes you nervous.

Anyone know the pedigree of
"Did You Know I Knew"? Familiar, isn't it? Anyone know it by another name?

Simon Nabatov, piano
Ed Schuller, bass

Paul Motian, drums

Arto Tuncboyaci, percussion

  1. Surge (Nabatov)
  2. Did You Know I Knew (Schuller)
  3. Would-Be Blues (Nabatov)
  4. My One and Only Love (Mellin/Wood)
  5. Circle the Line (Schuller)
  6. Sweet Dreams (Nabatov)
  7. Song For New Love (Schuller)
  8. Lush Life (Strayhorn)

Recorded at Classic Sound Productions, New York, New York in June 1986.

Produced by Gunther Schuller
320 kbps rip from GM Recordings CD GM3009


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Nice find, thanks an awful lot ! I once even attended a birthday party of Nabatov's (after a concert), so I should be familiar with his name.