Friday, March 6, 2009

Karl Berger: We Are You (1971)

Karl Berger is a lot like his long-time friend and collaborator Don Cherry in that no matter how new the territory he's exploring, the music is always immediate and open and accessible and as human as music can be. Great band here, including the once-apparent Ed Blackwell heir Allen Blairman. Here he's wonderfully buoyant and responsive, but so is everyone else. Worth at least four listens in close succession, once through for each member of the band. The version I bought in 1974 (and sold, eventually, for a pittance) was on a different label and had a much more attractive cover.

Karl Berger: p, vib, marimba

Peter Kowald: b

Allen Blairman: dr, perc.

Ingrid Sertso: voc., perc
  1. Vibes First
  2. We Are You I
  3. Marimba Dance
  4. The Positive
  5. Easy Suite
    1. When I Sing
    2. Easy
    3. We Are You (II)
Recorded in Ludwigsburg, November 1971.
Ripped from Enja CD 6060.
320 kbps mp3, 41:24, 94.8 MB


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Just got around to noticing this one. I swear that every album that Kowald appears on has some magic. Thanks!