Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Stanley Cowell: Setup (1993)

Not the most revelatory date, especially compared to Cowell's early trio work or the jaw-droppingly good 2008 solo concert I acquired recently from DIME. The thing about players this good, though, is that everything they record is worth hearing. You need to hear it for yourself.

Thanks to the generous taxpayers of my little city for allowing my local public library to add this to its collection. Unfortunately, I'd returned the disc before I thought to record any discographical details . My laziness on that count is a reflection of my preferences. While I admire those bloggers who painstakingly scan every page of every booklet and offer only lossless files, I only want to hear this music, and know who created it. Everything else is gravy.

Stanley Cowell (piano)
Dick Griffin (trombone)
Eddie Henderson (trumpet)
Rick Margitza (tenor sax)
Peter Washington (bass)
Billy Hart (drums)

1. Departure
2. Setup
3. Varions
4. Bright Passion
5. Bip Bip Bam
6. Sendai Send Off
7. Carnegie Six

320 kbps mp3 from Steeplechase CD 31349


Festoonic said...

corvimax said...

agree about scans flac etc.
looking forward to hear this, thank you

Wallofsound said...

This one escaped my grasp up to now. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for this. Cowell is such an underrated player; I can't believe he doesn't even merit an entry in the Penguin Guide.

swboy said...

Thanks for posting this.
He taught at the Conservatory in my hometown (Boston) but I never saw him listed playing in local clubs... I have a bunch of his music & could post if you like: Back to the Beautiful
Blues for Viet Cong
Brilliant Circles
Departure 2
Live at Maybeck
Musa Ancestral Streams
We Three
(Some I posted at the defunct "El Reza" blog.)

What is the live concert you mentioned? I'm very curious about it. :^)

sasha said...

Hey, agreed about flac, covers etc..For those who want top quality go and buy it..I, for one, would love a post of Cowell's 'Brilliant Circles' with the alternate takes..I had the vinyl but never caught up with the cd re-issue.