Monday, February 16, 2009

Santi Debriano: Obeah (1987)

Debriano is a gifted player, composer and leader with diverse tastes, in that no one of his dates that I've heard sounds much like any of the others. Although it's a very good record in its own right, this one frequently feels like homage to the 70's-era school of jazz that's lately come to be known as "spiritual" (a word about as useful in describing music as "musical"). You can hear echoes of that era in the reverb-heavy production, the Latin underpinnings and bright, flute-and-trumpet topnotes of Debriano's compositions, and the presence, of course, of 70's stalwarts Billy Hart, Sonny Fortune and Kenny Barron. That the veteran players on this record have continued to evolve in the years since 1972 doesn't mean they aren't capable of having a ball mining familiar territory, however, and that's precisely what they do here.

Sonny Fortune: as, fl
Jerry Gonzalez : tr, flgl, conga, perc.
Kenny Barron: p
Paul Meyers: g

Santi Debriano: b, shekere
Billy Hart: dr

1. Offering (Debriano) - 7:10
2. Anima (Debriano) - 3:16
3. Obeah (Barron/Debriano/Fortune/Gonzalez/Hart) - 4:05
4. Mind Reader (Debriano) - 8:05
5. Evolution (Debriano) - 5:49
6. Golden Legacy (Debriano) - 6:58
7. Time Is of the Essence (Debriano) - 6:48
8. Bijou (Debriano) - 6:18
9. Sunset (Debriano) - 4:17

Recorded at Van Gelder studios in Englewood Cliff, NJ, US, and released in 1987 as Free Lance CD 008. Any additional information you might have is welcome.


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Thank you , new to me , line up is incredible

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Really like this one, thanks festoonic. I think the date had put me off initially, but a friend sent me here

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Mice It's also new to me. Thanks!

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thank you very much - great stuff!!

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thank you very much - great stuff!!