Monday, February 9, 2009

Mel Lewis: Mel Lewis and Friends (1976)

Can anyone use the adjective "sparkling" to describe a record without sounding like an ass? The hell with it. This record sparkles, and I'll happily take my lumps just so long as you give it a try.

Freddie Hubbard (trumpet, fleugelhorn)
Cecil Bridgewater (trumpet)
Michael Brecker (tenor saxophone)
Gregory Herbert (alto and tenor saxophone)
Hank Jones (piano)
Ron Carter (bass, e. bass)
Mel Lewis (drums)

1. Ain't Nothin' Nu
2. A Child Is Born
3. Moose the Mooche
4. De Samba
5. Windflower
6. Sho' Nuff Did
7. Mel Lewis-Rhythm

June 8 and 9, 1976, at Generation Sound, NYC
Produced by John Snyder
320 kbps from A&M CD 0823


Festoonic said...

katonah said...

hmm, sparkling? top line-up ... great year, should be dynamite. many thanks

il angelo said...

sure it sparkles and sometimes it sizzles too, what the hell.

Anonymous said...

You ass Festoonic, only I'm allowed to use the S word! ;)

(my ref; Blakey in Holland)


Thanks for the Mel by the way, very nice!

Baby Breeze said...

This record features some sizzling Brecker, if I may be allowed another S word.

Formerly Fledgling said...

Wow - what a great album! Brecker and Hubbard sound like the ideal front-line partners, and the arrangements are the perfect blend of intricacy and improv-friendliness.

Hats off to you for a gem!

Jur said...

Absolutely brilliant!

Thanks a lot.

Otis Foster said...

Bridgewater, too - don't forget Cecil. Too many other people do.

Thanks - looking forward to this.

Anonymous said...

Thank you.

Zoot said...

I am clicking as fast as I can ... Good sides , and time is running out . Thanks a lot and all the best to you and the jazz fans brought together around the world by this project of an era , a great era of sharing .