Thursday, February 12, 2009

Attila Zoller: When It's Time (1994)

Zoller, who died in 1998 not far from where I was living at the time in Vermont, was a fascinating guy, an improviser who could hold his own with anyone, and an excellent composer. There's a Cadence interview with Zoller at the Vermont Jazz Center site here in which he talks a lot about his ears, as if you'd need that spelled out for you. He and Konitz, with whom he recorded several time with terrific results, had a special rapport.

Attila Zoller g
Lee Konitz as
Larry Willis p
Santi Debriano b
Yoron Israel dr

1. Joy For Joy (Attila Zoller) 06:58
2. LU And Shu (Lee Konitz) 07:16
3. After The Morning (John Hicks) 06:40
4. The Song Is You (Jerome Kern) 04:48
5. When It 's Time
(Attila Zoller) 07:49
6. Homage To O P
(Attila Zoller) 06:49
7. Meant To Be (
Attila Zoller) 05:32
8. Voyage (Kenny Barron) 08:03

Recorded December 12 and 13, 1994 at Hillside Sound Studio, Englewood, NJ, US.
320 kbps from Enja CD 9031 2


Festoonic said...

il angelo said...

Thanks Festoonic, I have a soft spot for Zoller, he was articulate, humble, and a hell of a logical improvisor (that's what united him to Konitz, and Solal, for that matter). I have enjoyed his Common Cause. ZOkoma, ZOKOSO and The Horizon Beyond non-stop for years. Like Konitz he doesn't understand a slack execution, he always plays his clear, analitical mind. There is no routine in his playing but always an aim to dive deep into harmony and connect his fellow-improvisors. Much respect, he is so seriously undervalued. Thanks for this, a nice reminder he mustn't be forgotten.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for this posting, Festoonic. And like Il Angelo, I have a special place for Atilla Zoller: in the 1960's he (and Daniel Humair) were the first Europeans I had listened to (specifically, "The Horizon Beyond", which attracted me because it featured a Carla Bley tune). It was (and is) wonderful.



Anonymous said...

Hi, linked here from my post of Attila Zoller's 'Gypsy Cry':

tommythomaso said...

Okay, Festoonic, I was looking for your name because I'm pretty sure you've got great taste, but equally sure your not canine. Since I have every jazz recording that's worth listening to already, I navigated thru your blog cynical as ever. I must say, I love your approach/your comments/your treats (so to speak). Thanx might not be enuf, but thanx it is and then some.

Festoonic said...

You are too, too kind.