Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sam Rivers: Sizzle (1975) (re-upped)

Rivers tears his way through flute, soprano, piano and tenor, in that order, one tune apiece. There's a rhythmic sameness to most of the tunes, but it's well short of monotony; these guys could play the same song four times and it'd be worth listening to. Look for Ten Dunbar's "Secundum Artem" here soon. The guy was a monster -- and I don't have a lot of patience with guitar players.

Still working out the kinks in my digital conversion software, so it's just one long file again, and I feel lucky to have salvaged that. Perhaps you will feel lucky to have this, too. You should. Most people in the world go to sleep at night never having any opportunity to hear Sam Rivers.

UPDATE: reposted with tracks separated and named. I'm getting to be an old hand at this.

Sam Rivers (ts, ss, fl, p)
Ted Dunbar (g)

Dave Holland (b, cello)

Barry Altschul (d)

Warren Smith (d, vib timp)
  1. Dawn (12:38)
  2. Flare (8:53)
  3. Flame (12:20)
  4. Scud (9:59)
Generation Sound Studios, NYC, December 9, 1975
320 kbps LP rip from
Impulse ASD 9316)


Festoonic said...
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ish said...

Thanks Festoonic. I'm not a huge Sam Rivers fan but I like to give everything on Impulse a chance!

Festoonic said...

New files here:

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot. It's always good to listen to Sam Rivers.

orleyfarm said...

Thanks so much for all of your postings and for this Sam Rivers in particular. I'm looking forward to checking it out.

Anonymous said...

many thanks.
this is a new to me.
great share!

marramua said...

Thank You!!

Jacques said...

Big thanks !

The only on I know from Sam Rivers and I
listened a lot during thess old times!

Happy to hear it again!

But unfortunately the 3 -Flame is cut ..only an half!!!

If you can fix this it would be appeciated !



ribonucleic said...

Sam Rivers! Sam Rivers!

Thank you.

bayviewsax-lostsoul.blogspot.com said...

Had this a billion years ago, can't fathom why I parted with it. Thanks!

tommythomaso said...

Festoonic, is this the best blog online or the most literate? Maybe literate is not the best way to describe how you handle things, but it's damn close. I've been molesting your site in silence. Send the sheriff, it's okay with me.

Anonymous said...