Sunday, January 4, 2009

Paul Bley: Turning Point (1964/1968)

Still astonishlingly hip by 2009 standards, I can't begin to imagine how Paul Bley must have impressed listeners during the early to mid-1960's, when he was redefining the role of the pianist in trio or quartet contexts with every new recording. The session here with Paul Motian and the glorious John Gilmore was recorded in 1964, a year after those documented on the ECM "Paul Bley with Gary Peacock" album. The two tracks with Billy Elgart (a drummer criminally under-recorded on US releases) date from the 1968 University of Washington sessions that produced Bley's "Mr. Joy", which, so far as I know, has never seen the light of day on CD. Two or three more of the UW tunes are also on the ECM album. You might think it'd be a simple thing to collect and make available the whole session but apparently you'd be wrong.

This is a single, album-long file, mostly because I'm too lazy to split up the tracks, and partly because I can't imagine not wanting to hear all of this at once, and partly, too, because you get what you pay for. I'm not feelin' the love from my visitors lately, and feeling petulant.

Paul Bley-piano
John Gilmore-tenor saxophone (#1-4, #7 only)

Gary Peacock-bass

Paul Motian-drums
Billy Elgart-drums (#5 and 6 only)

1. CALLS Carla Bley/Alrac Music BMI 6:10
2. TURNING Paul Bley/Pablo Music BMI 6:30

3. KING KORN Carla Bley/Alrac Music BMI 6:00

4. ICTUS Carla Bley/Alrac Music BMI 3:50

5. MR JOY Annette Peacock/Vicious Music BMI 3:50

6. KID DYNAMITE Annette Peacock/Vicious Music BMI 3:40

7. IDA LUPINO Carla Bley/Alrac Music BMI 5:20

Recorded March 9, 1964, Mirasound Studio, NYC

#5 and 6 recorded University of Washington, Seattle, Washington May 10, 1968

320 kbps mp3 LP rip from Improvising Artists 373841


Festoonic said...

auggie said...

Hey, man, cheer up. I have this on a Savoy vinyl release as "Turns," and it's got to be one of my all time favorites. I don't need no stinkin download, but I follow your blog cause I think it's cool. I also dug your post of ed schuller's Mu Point + I used to study with Bill Bickford. So here's a little love from a visitor.

Anonymous said...

All you do is appreciated!
A Happy New Year to you and your loved ones!



roberto t. said...

This (the Savoy edition) is also a great favourite of mine and I couldn't wait to go to Ida Lupino's Gilmore attack (the Savoy has also one ). But your blog is excellent, focusing on a period when I was much younger. Thank you for your great work!

ToastMan said...

Thank you -- very much!
Just can't afford to feed the music hunger..
INsane Vibrations will heal thy soul

orleyfarm said...
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orleyfarm said...

Thanks so much looks like it will be great. I've only heard Gilmore outside of Sun Ra on Andrew!!!! (Hill) and LaRoca (sp?)'s Turkish Women at the Bath.
Thanks again.

missingnoo said...

thank you for all the music uve ever uploded :D
i gotta buy all these albums now

Otis Foster said...

Thhnx festoonic. Just because we're quiet doesn't mean we're unappreciative.

Yusef said...

Thank You for sharing this recording, I am currently downloading and will listen to the music tonight. I don't have much of John Gilmore in settings outside of Sun Ra. This lineup looks promising with new and fresh ideas. To you, I want to extend my gratitude for sharing.

Yusef said...

Festoonic, This recording is wonderful. The audio quality is very strong. Your provision @ 320Kb/s is adequate, I don't know if the human ear can decipher what's been compressed. Although FLAC is always a preference over MP3. I'm content. No complaints over on my end. THX a million. The musician lineup is top notch.

Anonymous said...

Still available on Rapidshare. Thanks for all the work. Sam