Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Paul Bley: Mr. Joy (1968) LP Rip

A caveat up front: this is ripped not from the original Limelight LP, but from a mid-1970's Trip reissue, which, like everything else I ever heard from that fly-by-night label (a division of Springboard International, Rahway, NJ) suffers from a lousy transfer from the original source and an even worse pressing. This half-hearted venture only makes me hungrier for a decently remastered reissue of this superb date.
No, wait -- that's not true. This is way better than nothing at all. Listen and see.
I ripped this some months ago and then waffled about offering it to the world until I read on another blog about the affordable virtues of a program called Click Repair, and, now, lo, I offer you this relatively without shame. Note that side one has not been split into individual tracks (hey, I've got a life, you know?). Yes, yes, you'll get all seven tracks, but you'll download only five files. As far as I've been able to determine, no one else anywhere has upped this yet, so be grateful for what you get.

Paul Bley (p)
Gary Peacock (b)
Billy Elgart (d)

1. Only Lovely (Paul Bley)
2. Kid Dynamite
3. Nothing Ever Was, Anyway
4. El Cordobes
5. Ramblin' (Ornette Coleman)
6. Touching
7. Blood
8. Mr. Joy

All compositions by Annette Peacock, except as noted
University Of Washington, Seattle, WA & Audio Recorders, Seattle, WA, May 10 & 11, 1968, May 12, 1968

320 kbps mp3 from Trip Jazz LP TLP 5587


Festoonic said...

il angelo said...

festoonic, I have been after this for ages!!! Only a worn out C-90 in state of decay made the illusion I had it. Thanks for your always excellent selections

1009 said...

& I've been looking for this for ... a few days or so. Just catching up on some 60s Bley (basically the only Bley for me). I am discovering a newfound respect for the trio stuff (though I always loved the stuff w/ John Gilmore, Marshall Allen et al). Looking forward to giving this a spin.

מיכאל said...

Jazz has definitely come interesting ways - I thing that a SPLIT has occurred where "Intellectual" jazz is out of the US - playing rhytmic, spontaneous music in which RICH sounds such as Rubalcaba's, Kuhn's and Pieranonunzi's are heard, and mainstream, hard-bop oriented where pyrotechnics and bluesy lines are more prominent on the US. Two disparate schools that occasionally meet on individuals, but largely remain confined to their "islands".

Such is the main tenet of Darwin's evolution: the separation and adaptation of species to their specific environments and needs. Jazz seemingly not being an exception.

I haven't observed bigger mouths or larger hands on any of those "Jazz Players" populations though, maybe something else happened.

מיכאל said...

BTW, all music in this site is superb, THKS !!!!!!

Reza said...

thnaks for this one , much appreciated :)

auggie said...

I have not one but two copies of the trip vinyl issue of this. At first I picked it up used and thought all that surface noise was just record wear, but then I found a sealed copy and now it's hard to distinguish which of the two is worse. It's as if they didn't press the grooves all the way into the vinyl or something. Even with the accompanying sound of fingers on a chalkboard, though, this is a great date. Nice post.

ghostrancedance said...


Joe Sarno said...

I just clicked on your link and lo and behold one of my favorite LPs pops up. Thanks alot. And thanks for the Ives comment too.

john henry said...

I've never looked for this as I never expected it to be posted. Truly, you are Mr Joy for sharing.

orleyfarm said...

Wow, this looks fantastic! Thank you so much.

ish said...

Hey thanks much.

downlowsoul said...

Great record.....many thanks.

Anonymous said...

This is a great record--I have one of those messed up 70's Trip pressings--one step above Inn*r C*ty----thanks!