Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Oliver Lake: Shine! (1978)

It's the Zaki band at its core -- Lake, Michael Gregory Jackson and Pheeroan ak Laff — with a roster of supporting players including Abdul Wadud on cello and Anthony Davis on piano on two tunes. Jackson's guitar is more acerbic than is his natural tendency on Lake's herky-jerky compositions, and the drumming is high-pitched and busy; ak Laff sounds more like Bobo Shaw than himself on this. But you couldn't ask for a better summation of what new music fans were so excited about in 1978. This was Lake's third album under his Arista contract, and Shine! was in every record store with a well-stocked jazz section in the country. It honestly looked for a little while like music like this was going to have real impact on the world beyond the usual cognoscenti, and it was nice while it lasted.

Oliver Lake - as, ss, fl, ts
Michael Gregory Jackson - gtr, e gtr, wood fl, vocals
Pheeroan ak Laff - dr
Anthony Davis - p
Abdul Wadud - cello
Carl Ector - violin
George Taylor - violin
Clifford Morrison - violin (#1)
Felix Farrah - violin (#2)
  1. Kuon Ganjo
  2. Reference
  3. Lodius
  4. Shine!
All compositions by Oliver Lake
#1 and 2 recorded Oct. 30 and 31, 1978, CI REcording, NYC
#3 and 4 recorded Nov. 6, 1978 with live studio audence

320 kbps mp3 LP rip from Arista Novus AN 3010


Festoonic said...

il angelo said...

Thanks Festoonic, Lake's records of those years are amazing, so I expect much form this ( wich I had never seen before, by the way). Thanks for unearthing it.

dka said...

As you say jazz at this point looked like it was heading somewhere really interesting, shame it didn't go down this route. I recently bought the Zaki trio album on Hat Hut which was from 1979. Shine is a great album.

E S said...

Holding Together (BLACK SAINT) was a great album by this trio (+ Fred Hopkins on bass). I remember listening to that as a teenager in the 1970s… no idea where my original vinyl is…

E Man

beloid said...

thanks Festoonic, discovering many great records thanks to you

Reza said...

thanks, been listening to his NTU album and loving it, keen to listen to more :)

chronwell said...

Thanx! I remember him doin a show in 93 for the Library of Congress in DC at this fancy old art museum and it was so packed, ppl were in the lobby just to hear his music. Thanx 4 this music!