Friday, January 16, 2009

Oliver Lake: Life Dance of Is (1978

Elegant and restrained in places, bluesy and rollicking in others, this could be my favorite record in Oliver Lake's sprawling catalog. Positively bottom-heavy compared to Shine! (below), due to Leonard Jones' or Buster Williams' bass on some tunes instead of Abdul Wadud's cello, it's probably also a more conventional recording in many ways, but more immediate and approachable, too. It's criminal that this, like so much else of the Novus label, should be out of print.

1. Rite-ing
2. Comous
3. Shu-ful
4. Tfon
5. Change one
6. Of Is

Oliver Lake: as, ss, fl, voc
Anthony Davis: p
Michael Gregory Jackson: g, synth, shouts, harmonica
Leonard Jones: b, #3, 4, 5 only
Buster Williams: b , #2 only
Pheeroan Ak Laff: dr, perc

Recorded Feb. 16, 1978, CI Recording Studios, NYC
320 mp3 rip from Arista Novus LP 3003


Festoonic said...

il angelo said...

Another topone Festoonic. Thanks

Wallofsound said...

This is one of those Lake records I never managed to track down. Thanks for sharing.

dka said...

Agreed this was always my favourite Oliver Lake LP. It is a shame that a lot of his stuff from this period is missing.

Big Banana said...

This is a fantastic blog. I'm digging the Andrew Hill and the Oliver Lake.

Anonymous said...

another Lake classic,Thanks.
Great Blog.

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You have awesome taste. It would be most welcome if you resume posting. I know it sucks that most of us don't leave comments. Guilty as charged.
-Frankie Mules