Monday, January 12, 2009

An Andrew Hill two-fer (1975/1976)

Hill's 1960's Blue Note output is generally considered his most important stuff, but it's his mid-70's work for labels like Steeplechase and these two albums, originally released on East Wind and Inner City, that I'd take with me to my desert island. His piano is as dense and obtuse as ever, but there's a romanticism and playfulness in his writing that wasn't always apparent at either end of his career. Maybe he was feeling in love. I hope he was.

Oh, and another thing: whatever happened to Jimmy Vass?

Andrew Hill (p)

personnel on #1-5:

Jimmy Vass (f, ss, as)
Chris White (b)
Leroy Williams (d)

personnel on #6-11:

Richard Davis (b)
Roger Blank (d)

  1. Golden Spook - 10:30
  2. Mist Flower - 7:26
  3. Remnants - 5:56
  4. Blue Black - 7:16
  5. One For - 5:45
  6. Blue Black - 14:07
  7. Relativity - 5:25
  8. Nefertiti - 8:04
  9. Hattie - 3:45
  10. Mudflower - 7:28
  11. Unnatural Man - 3:16

#1-5 recorded February 26, 1975, C.I. Recording Studios, New York City #6-11 recorded January 25, 1976, New York City.


Festoonic said...

il angelo said...

Hi festoonic, Vass died in september 2006, have a look I remember fondly what he did in Divine Revelation.

Festoonic said...

Thanks for the sad update. His playing on Ronnie Boykins' album is wonderful, too. It's a small but very meaningful legacy he left.

neil said...

You get your props at Pomegranate!

neil said...

Make that CIA...

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! Thanks.

Guillermo said...

Thanks a lot.
Andrew Hill's music is always great, as expected.
There's some chaos with the titles. For instance, tracks 4 and 6 are both titled "Blue Black", although they're different tunes.
In fact, tracks 6 and 5 ("One for") are the same ones.
Does anybody have the original LPs or knows which titles are right?
Being logical, one should say that tracks 5 and 6 are the same and so, they're "Blue Blck" but on one radio program ("Piano Jazz", with Marian McPartland), Hill announced "Blue Black" and played, a completely different tune!!
Anyone can help?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this. I'm a big fan of Andrew Hill, but haven't been able to find much of his music from the 70's until today.