Friday, January 30, 2009

Andrew Hill: Spiral (1974/75)

My other other other favorite Andrew Hill recording. Two sessions with strikingly different front lines and rhythm sections, both indelibly stamped by Hill's singular compositional and pianistic styles. Also evident is that same romantic streak noted on Blue Black and Nefertiti, upped a few weeks ago. The earlier session here with Lee Konitz and Ted Curson is especially sweet. No other horn player has ever sounded so unbrassy (for want of a better word) as Curson does here.

Andrew Hill p and all compositions
Lee Konitz ss/as/ts

Ted Curson tp

Cecil McBee b

Art Lewis dr
(#1-4, 6)

Robin Kenyatta as
Stafford James b
Barry Altschul ds
(#5, 7)

  1. Tomorrow - 3.30
  2. Laverne - 6.00
  3. The Message - 6.00
  4. Invitation - 7.18
  5. Today - 4.42
  6. Spiral - 9.00
  7. Quiet Dawn - 7.15
Recorded Dec 20, 1974 and Jan 20, 1975, C.I. Recording, NYC
320 kbps mp3 from Black Lion/Freedom CD 41007


Festoonic said...

Big Banana said...

I love finding all this Andrew Hill that always seemed impossible to find. This is one I've never heard and the band is crazy. Lee Konitz and Ted Curson? Sounds like an odd combination but it is exciting. This is a great blog and I appreciate your uploads.

archer said...

i've heard great things about this, but never heard it. i can now determine the validity of the hubbub for my ownself.

much gratitude

Dr. Puck said...

Thanks for this and all your good taste.

mingusal said...

I've been looking for this one for awhile. Hill and Konitz are 2 of my favorite musicians, so it's fun, fascinating, and compelling to hear them together. Plus, the Hill of this period - so different from the BN-era Hill - is always an interesting listen.

Very nice blog. Hadn't run into it before, but now that I have I'll be back. Lots of great stuff you have here.

Danny said...

Thanks THanks Thanks Thanks Thanks!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hill was the one who has changed my life. I bought Point of Departre, without knowng who is the leader actually - jusy because of Tony Williams playing there. from that moment I started to hear music differet. maye to be diferet person, even.
still looking for HIS solo recrodings... but i'm grateful for these albums as much as possible. In europe Hill is still uderrated - but all the fresh jazz that comes to us from States - i mean Tyshawn Sorey, Ambrose Akinmusire, Steve Lehman and guys like that - all of these thigs goes directli from Hill.. as Hill went directly from Monk and Hindemith at the same time.
The rap artists saying - keep it going on - they know it...

all the best to you, Festoonic. let us NEVER forget this true ARTST.