Monday, December 15, 2008

Formanek/Berne/Hirschfield: Loose Cannon (1992)

Tim Berne is so prolific and idiosyncratic, it's easy to overlook how steady his partnerships with player like Tom Rainey and Drew Gress have been. That makes this record, with a rhythm section I don't believe he has recorded with elsewhere, something of a revelation. Much of the material is familiar as Berne's (with only a little exposure, you could identify most Berne tunes as his even if you hadn't heard them before), but Formanek and Hirshfield are unabashedly jazz players in ways that Berne's usual accompanists are not, and Loose Cannon breathes and pulses in a way that's very pleasing, and maybe a little less demanding than other projects.
The production is also very good, with Formanek's bass mixed very prominently. It's odd more records don't sound like this one.

Tim Berne, alto saxophone, baritone saxophone
Michael Formanek, bass
Jeff Hirshfield, drums

1. Almost Normal
2. The 12 1/2 % Solution
3. Fool's Paradise
4. Lowball
5. Broken
6. Beam Me Up
7. Fibrigade (for Django Bates)
8. Tilt

All tunes by Tim Berne except #3, 6, and 8 by Michael Formanek
Oct0ber 26 and 28, 1992, at Barigozzi Stuio, Milano
(Soul Note 121261)


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Gracias Festoonic! Excelentes músicos...

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Wow. Nice share and a most excellent blog you have. Just when you think you've seen it all, somebody puts up a blog that covers all new ground. Good work.

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Spot on commentary on your part. Even if I love Raney, this is different.
I agree with Avant grape you are covering ground completelly unattended anywhere in blogland

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Merry Christmas and thx for the lp's this year , here's something in return - Blind Mice, Vol. 2 , Pt - Blind Mice Vol 2 , Pt - Pt 2 of this file has a cd cover . post this if you like Steve