Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bennie Wallace: Plays Monk (1981)

Wallace is one of the great unsung contemporary tenor players, with one foot squarely in the tradition and the other likely to plant itself anywhere at all. He tears up as usual on this recording, made extra noteworthy by the inclusion of Mingus alumni Jimmy Knepper and Danny Richmond — who never sounded better than he did here. Probably the best version of "Skippy" ever, too. Oh, and Happy New Year, if you subscribe to that particular calendar.

Bennie Wallace ts

Jimmy Knepper tb

Eddie Gomez b

Dannie Richmond dr

1. Skippy 05:36

2. Ask Me Now 05:39

3. Evidence 05:23
4. Round About Midnight 06:57
5. Straight No Chaser 06:01

6. Prelude 01:23

7. Ugly Beauty 07:00

8. Variation On A Theme 04:13
9. Round About Midnight Alternate Take 08:07

Recorded March 4 & 5, 1981, N.Y.C
Second-generation mp3 rip from
Enja CD ENJ-3091


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Sending you some love, twice over: once for Wallace and once for Monk.
Best for 2009...