Saturday, December 27, 2008

Achim Kaufmann Quartet - Double Exposure (1998)

Despite the august company, it's Hollenbeck that holds my attention throughout this record. Anyone else familiar with that line about drummer Steve McCall (I think it might have been Stanley Crouch who said it) about how he could break your heart with a drum solo? Hollenbeck isn't as elemental or as urgent as McCall, but he's as beautiful and as musical a player. Like McCall, he's always recognizable. And, for my money, he's at his best on this recording.
The rest of the quartet is just as good, of course. The compositions (I assume they're Kaufmann's) are all over the place, from Ornettian swing to chamber stuff and all of it pretty authoritative.
Sorry, no decent graphics of the cover to be found anywhere.

Michael Moore - sax, cl, b cl
Achim Kaufmann - piano
Henning Sieverts - bass, cello
John Hollenbeck - dr

1. Carnies
2. Dream Logic
3. Marchebrisee (for Norman McLaren)
4. Gavia
5. Double Exposure
6. Pea Head
7. Proliferation
8. Sphericals

Recorded 1998.
320 kbps rip from a copy of Leo Records CD 289.


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