Saturday, November 1, 2008

Claudio Fasoli: Cities (1993)

I've loved Bill Elgart's playing since he recorded with Paul Bley in the mid-sixties. I snagged Cities quite a few years back because he's on it, and was thus initiated into the heady world of 1990's European jazz. This was the era when Italian horn players just loved those rudimentary electronic devices that allowed them to duet with themselves in fifths or octaves. All Fasoli's tunes here are odes to or portraits of cities, and the band is appropriately international, with Elgart, an American ex-pat long since settled in Italy, and Goodrick, who made his name with Gary Burton before landing an ECM contract himself.
Does anyone know if Amstel has ever been recorded by anyone else? Perhaps with a different name?

Claudio Fasoli: ts, ss

Mick Goodrick: g
Paollino Dalla Porta: b
Bill Elgart: dr

1. Amstel

2. Buildings

3. 320 Cpw
4. Venezia
5. Surfaces

6. W-Wa

7. Cuicuilco
8. 20121

9. Londoner
10. Rue Lepic

Recorded at Studio Barogozzi, Milano, unknown date.
Released 1993, RAM Records RMCD4503

320 kbps mp3


Festoonic said...

auggie said...

Been on a Goodrick kick lately. Elgart's presence makes this even more interesting. Thank you.

Anonymous said...
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Frank said...

Fasoli a long time favorite, a truly thoughtful post-Coltrane tenor, and Billy Elgart, always an asset.