Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Two by Lester Bowie

This post is all about my zeal to contribute something to the new Nine Sisters discographical site dedicated to Muse Records, These two albums, all of Bowie's output for the Muse label, come from the 32Jazz double CD reissue, "American Gumbo." The music is remastered, but otherwise unchanged from the LP releases. No scans, alas, because I don't have a scanner, but the music is as vibrant, moving, and occasionally hilarious as ever.

Lester Bowie: Fast Last! (1974)

Lester Bowie: trumpet, flugelhorn ( B1)
John Hicks: piano (A1 to B1)
Julius Hemphill: alto ( A1, A2, B1)
John Stubblefield: tenor (A1, A2)
Joseph Bowie: trombone ( A1, A2)
Bob Stewart: tuba (A1)
Cecil McBee: bass (A1, A2, B1)
Phillip Wilson: drums ( A1, A2, B1, B2)
Charles "Bobo" Shaw: drums ( B2)
Jerome Cooper: drums ( B2)

Recorded at C. I. Recording Studios, NYC, September 1974.
Muse Records MR 5055

A1 Lonely Woman (5:15)
A2 Banana Whistle (9:48)
A3 Hello Dolly (5:00)
B1 Fast Last / C (12:55)
B2 F Troop Rides Again (9:38)

Lester Bowie: Rope-A-Dope (1975)

Lester Bowie: trumpet
Malachi Favors Megistus: bass
Don Moye: drums (A1, A2, B1) congas ( B2)
Charles Bobo Shaw: drums ( A1, A2, B2)
Joseph Bowie: trombone (A2, B2), percussion (A1)
Raymund Cheng violin ( A1)

Recorded on 17 June 1975 at Blue Rock Studios, NYC.
Muse Records MR 5081

A1 Tender Openings (9:29)
A2 St. Louis Blues (Chicago Style) (9:36)
B1 Mirage (6:40)
B2 Rope-A-Dope (9:30)


Festoonic said...

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Thanks so much for these! And I really appreciate the support at Nine Sisters.

hideo said...

the Sisters sent me, but looks like I'll stick around for awhile--nice mix of goodies here

GBML said...

Both are a MUST & i'm happy to have boths originals LPs. But the prior post (the lindberg) i was missing & thank you for it!

David said...

thank you for these rarities

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i've wanted to hear these albums for quite a while.

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first time I stop here and... surprise, two unknown lester bowie
thank you

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Wow! Thanks a million for these.

I think I'll be snaffling around for more goodies, too. So much to choose from. I'll probably start with 'A Evening With Joe Henderson', me thinks!

Thanks again.

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thank you a lot for these 2 lester I have never heard them

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Thank You
Merci beaucoup pour tous ces albums

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hey, just dipping my toe on jazz waters, but what i already heard from Bowie and the Art Ensamble of Chicago was great!
thank you for what seems a connoscieur blog.
i'll be checking for further enlightment.
Have a nice day.