Saturday, October 18, 2008

Steve Kuhn: Live In New York

Another opportunity to contribute something to the Muse records project at Nine Sisters. This is pretty cool stuff, restoring the entire catalog of a celebrated jazz label through the efforts of ordinary janes and joes like you and me. Besides the Muse releases, similar efforts are currently being made to resurrect the outputs of the Mainstream, MPS, CTI, Flying Dutchman, Strata-East and Impulse! labels. I'm not at all convinced it's a great idea to post titles that are readily available at your favorite local independent record store. But making available titles that are out of print or hard to find seems like a genuine public service. And it feels a little like making — or maintaining, maybe — history. That's unmistakably a worthy goal, with record companies unable or uninterested in doing so themselves.
Like this Steve Kuhn vinyl rip, for instance, acquired long ago from a source I did not record (although I do hope I remembered to thank the poster). Why is this out of print? Chock full of Real Book tunes rarely recorded elsewhere with Kuhn in his usual excellent form and featuring the under-recorded Bruce Ditmas, it strays occasionally into fusion territory as bands like this so often did in the early 70's via the ubiquitous electric piano, an instrument Kuhn has seldom touched since. It's a period piece, but a very, very good one.

Steve Kuhn: acoustic and electric piano, vocals
George Mraz: bass
Bruce Ditmas: drums
Sue Evans: percussion

1 Gloria (5:05)
2 The Child Is Gone (3:00)
3 The Real Guitarist (In The House) (7:47)
4 The Saga Of Harrison Crabfeathers (5:20)
5 Chicken Feathers (6:37)
6 Ida Lupino (4:10)
7 Raindrops, Raindrops (4:30)
8 Thoughts Of A Gentleman (3:06)

1972, Folk City, NY.
Muse 5106


Festoonic said...

Anonymous said...

excellent album, the rip could most probably be Quincy's

ish said...

Hey Festoonic thanks very much; and thanks for your support of Nine Sister!

Fred said...

You have great taste! And thanks for sharing!!!!