Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Peter Madsen: Snuggling Snakes (1992)

Here's a mystery.

A guy like Peter Madsen presumably studies and struggles and sweats all his life to be the best player he can be. He moves to New York, plays for tips and ekes out a meager living as best he can, working shit jobs when he isn't woodshedding. But it's worth it because his playing is getting better and better all the time, and after a while he starts to get a reputation. Name players like Chris Potter and Lewis Nash and Anthony Cox suddenly know who he is, and finally, Madsen , after years of living on Ramen noodles, catches a break. A small European label offers him a chance a cut to record. He calls in guys like Potter and Cox and Nash and they rehearse an album's worth of Madsen's own interesting and intelligent compositions until they sparkle and then over a day or two they record them. The results are very, very good, and Madsen can't wait for the record to see the light of day. Shortly before the record is released he gets a call from the record company. "Peter," the record-company guy says, "the album sounds great! But we don't have a name for it. Whaddya got?"

"Oh, that's easy," Madsen says. "'Snuggling Snakes.'"

Honest to god, it's like The Aristocrats — only not so funny.

Peter Madsen: p
Chris Potter: ts, as, ss
Anthony Cox: b
Lewis Nash: dr
Toninho Horta: voc, gtr
Rudi Berger: viol

1. Snuggling Snakes
2. Hodge Podge
3. Maloca
4. Ballad for Stan
5. Photo Finish
6. Joren's Jungle
7. The Web That Has No Weaver
8. Where There Was No Path
9. Francesca
10. Darkness Pursues the Butterfly
11. Monkey Wrench

All compositions by Madsen except #9, by Toninho Horta
Released 1993, Minor Music MM 801030


Festoonic said...

il angelo said...

Thanks Festoonic again, your selections are always interesting.Only know Mdasen from his work with Pavone or Musillami and he is a hell of a player. Always wondered how he would sound in his own records, never had seen one.

neil said...

Don't know Madsen at all, but willing to check him out because of Potter's presence...

vsense said...

I am increasingly enjoying your selections, and you tasteful commentary, and yes I am sucking up a bit, thanks for the great stuff.

Neanderjazz said...

Gracias por este disco!

KingCake said...

Aha - now I have finally stumbled onto your place - I see I have some browsing to do - this Peter Madsen is a nice place to start - I posted an album with him just yesterday