Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mario Pavone: Toulon Days (1991)

The consensus seems to be that, had he lived, reed and flute player and composer Thomas Chapin might have been one of those rare innovative improvising musicians to achieve mainstream recognition. Chapin's working quartet is at the heart of this septet session, and leader Mario Pavone's writing and arranging have similar appeal (Art Lande's notes say Pavone's biggest influences are Braxton and Paul Bley, which may explain some of that right/left brain stuff). This record is adventurous and absorbing enough to richly reward close attention, but aren't so impenetrable so as to turn off casual listeners. And, as was the case with most of Chapin's dates, everyone sounds like they're having fun. That's a much harder trick to pull off than many think.

If I see any interest at all, someday I'll post a terrific live performance of Pavone's trio with Peter Madsen (see? you need to go back and listen to that one, too) and Gerald Cleaver acquired from Dime.

Mario Pavone, bass

Marty Ehrlich, clarinet, flute

Hotep Idres Galeta, piano

Joshua Redman, tenor saxophone

Steve Davis, trombone
Thomas Chapin, alto saxophone, flute

Steve Johns, drums

1. Tepito 4:57
2. Old & New Dreams (For Dewey Redman) 6:20
3. Monk in Soweto 6:58
4. Walking Mystery Man 5:00
5. Toulon 5:25
6. Colin Mac 3:05
7. Z Hopper 6:08
8. Freedom Song 9:40

All compositions by Mario Pavone except #3 by Hotep Idres Galeta
Recorded at Skyline Studios, New York City, November 17 and 18, 1991

320 kbps, ripped from New World Records 80420, courtesy of my local library.

Notes and cover art available at


Festoonic said...

Wallofsound said...

Thanks for sharing this one. Both Chapin and Pavone have made significant contributions to jazz, and it was terrible that Chapin died so young. I didn't know that this recording existed. I'll listen to this and celebrate a life cut short, and others that continue.

il angelo said...

this was my first Pavone and I swapped it for another record to an old friend who moved to another city. thanks for bringing it back

joepo said...

Thanks for this.
I saw Chapin's Trio only once, opening the Newport Jazz Festival's main stage. They weren't on the schedule but they TORE IT UP. I spoke with Mario Pavone later and his enthusiasm and pride in the group's accomplishments were obvious.
It so sad to hear of Chapin's death.

Wonderful selections - thanks very much, indeed!