Tuesday, October 14, 2008

John Lindberg: Resurrection of a Dormant Soul (1995)

The same rhythm section as the previous post, but with Albert Mangelsdorff added and John Lindberg getting top billing. A remarkably different session from the Watson trio album, and not a hint of a your standard horn + rhythm section approach. Each of the players here contributes a tune, and the whole thing breathes and thrums like a living creature, which, I suppose, is exactly what it was at the moment of its creation.

John Lindberg: bass
Albert Mangelsdorff: trombone
Eric Watson: piano
Ed Thigpen: drums

1. Resurrection of a Dormant Soul (Lindberg)
2. Quartet Pluckin' (Lindberg)
3. Dots, Ditches and Scratches (Mangelsdorff)
4. Conspiracy (Watson)
5. E.T.P. (Thigpen)
6. Birds of a Feather (Lindberg)
7. X.1 (Lindberg)

February 9 and 10, 1995, Milan.
320 kbps mp3 from Black Saint 120172-2


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thanks for these two posts-anything with Lindberg/Watson is worth listening to

Blue Train said...

Muchas gracias, Festoonic! :D
Felicitaciones por el blog.

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What's line up?!

Frank said...

John Lindberg is perennially interesting, and Eric Watson is one of the greatest "unkonwn" pianists in jazz. A Mangellsdorff is of course a legend. Thanks!