Sunday, October 19, 2008

Interpretations of Monk, Volume 1: LIve from Soundscape series (1981)

Straight-ahead repertory readings from the Monk canon by some of the musicians best associated with the composer, plus a few other notable voices nearly as distinctive as Monk's. The familiarity of the material and the four-square arrangements dampen many of the sparks you might have hoped for. Another volume appears to have been released in Japan with Mal Waldron and Anthony Davis taking their turns at the piano, but I've never set eyes on it. This volume came from my local library, so props to the local taxpayers.

CD 1
Muhal Richard Abrams: piano
Don Cherry: trumpet
Steve Lacy: soprano saxophone
Charlie Rouse: tenor saxophone
Roswell Rudd: trombone
Richard Davis: bass
Ben Riley: drums

1. Announcement by Verna Gillis
2. Introduction by Mat Hentoff
3. Crepuscule With Nellie
4. I Mean You
5. Ask Me Now
6. Gallop's Gallop
7. Blue Monk
8. Four In One
9. Poetry by Amiri Baraka

CD 2
Barry Harris replaces Muhal Richard Abrams, Ed Blackwell replaces Ben Riley.
1. Announcement by Verna Gillis
2. Ruby,My Dear
3. Light Blue
4. Eronel
5. Bye-Ya
6. Pannonica
7. Off Minor
Recorded live at Wollman Auditorium, Columbia University, New York, November 1, 1981.
1997 - Koch Jazz (USA), KOC-CD-7838 (2xCD: #1 & #2)


Festoonic said...

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Thank you. An excellent cd. Do you have the other volume?

music resistance said...

other volumes CD3, CD4, scans
no pass, rar.

Radenko said...

i wanted to suggest posting it myself, but i see you've done the job for me :-)