Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ethan Iverson: School Work (with Dewey Redman) (1995)

I saw Iverson recently with his rent-paying band, The Bad Plus. The show was, as you'd expect, terrific. Playing this record soon after, I was struck by how many of Iverson's trademark touches were nascent or mostly-developed in his piano playing then, the unconventional use (in "jazz" anyway) of octaves and arpeggiated major chords and the Roger Williams-like crescendos (think, Theme from Chariots of Fire) — all of it, as a friend notes, squarely within implied quotation marks. But deliberately ironic or not, the guy's a terrific player and composer. And as for Dewey Redman, why wouldn't you want to hear every note the man ever played?

1. Dewey Eyed, Dewey Played (Iverson)
2. Red Wing (Iverson)
3. I Got It Bad (Ellington)
4. Wisconsin Primitive (Iverson)
5. Stella by Starlight (Young)
6. Cheryl (Parker)
7. Sometimes a Half-Life Is Just Not Enough (Iverson)
8. 2300 Skidoo (Nichols)
9. School Work (Coleman)
10. Persistance of Memory (Iverson)

Dewey Redman (saxophone)
Ethan Iverson (piano)
Johann Weidenmuller (bass)
Falk Willis (drums).

4/10/93, River Sound NYC
320 kbps mp3, from Mons Records CD 875-877


Festoonic said...

jake said...

Great post - and you are correct - any Dewey Redman is worth listening to. With that in mind how about uploading Dark Metals by Anthony Cox - Dewey guests to great effect there.

il angelo said...

Brilliant post, this is not easily found. I remember that like a poet regarding his early work, Mr Iverson declared it to be apprentice work, far from it is pretty enjoyable. More interesting is the fact that his two first Fresh Sounds ( Standard & Original Zone)marked a big step forward. Thanks, I always wanted to listen to this record.

olie said...

thanks, been wanting to hear this. and I second the vote for Dark Metals.

Guelda said...

Hi all,

thanks for this great album, those musicians are all incredible, the music seems to flow easily and they seem to really have fun playing, which I personnaly love !

All the best

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's great - love the artist's music and download pirated copies. Keep supporting the arts!