Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Eric Watson: Punk Circus (1994)

Excellent trio outing from the always-intriguing pianist Eric Watson with a stellar rhythm section. Ed Thigpen, best known as a clinician and for anchoring the drum chair in Oscar Peterson's longest-lived trio, plays especially beautifully here, with brush work like hummingbird wings, and a wonderfully musical solo on the title tune. God only knows what the title is about; it doesn't seem to have anything to do with the music. Not that a more straightforward title would have launched this record to the top of the charts, but it might have sold a few more copies if it weren't so deliberately obtuse.

There's a nice Mike Zwerin article about Watson from 1996 here.

Eric Watson (piano)
John Lindberg (bass)
Ed Thigpen (drums)
1. White Out
2. Smaks
3. Exits
4. Punk Circus
5. Shadow of the Past
6. Black Eyed Max
7. Fall
8. Last Request

All compositions by Eric Watson except "Fall" by Wayne Shorter. Recorded September 3 & 4, 1994, Zurich.

320 kbps mp3 from 2003 Night & Day CD


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il angelo said...

thanks Festoonic, I only knew this one by title, and I like Watson's ambiguous tonalities and dark romanticism quite a lot. There are echoes of Mal Waldron's obssesive staccato rumblings, of course Ives' disonances, and the majesty of John Lewis too, sometimes it reminds me of some Ran Blake's cinematic scene building... but the brew, the push and shove and mysterious quality are all his own. Never seen him live though.

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great stuff thanks...