Wednesday, September 3, 2008

More Konitz: The Sound of Surprise (1991)

Killer rhythm section that syncs perfectly with Konitz's approach. I'll post a wonderful recording of Baron with (of all people) Marion McPartland in an all-Strayhorn trio set later. Baron's playing on both albums is so dry it almost blows away, but, man, it burns.
  1. Hi Beck
  2. Gundula
  3. Mr. 88
  4. Bits And Pieces
  5. Blues Suite
  6. Friendlee
  7. Soddy And Bowl
  8. Singin’
  9. Wingin’
  10. Thingin’
  11. Crumbles
  12. Subconsciouslee.

Lee Konitz: Alto Saxophone, Vocal; Ted Brown: Tenor Saxophone; John Abercrombie: Guitar; Marc Johnson: Bass; Joey Baron: Drums.
April 21 and 22, 1999, Avatar Studio, NYC


Festoonic said...

Anonymous said...

sweet. thanks for this one.

Otis Foster said...

This is a pleasant surprise - I didn't know he had recorded with Ted Brown at this relatively late date.

Thanks as always