Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Marion McPartland Plays the Music of Billy Strayhorn

A jazz perennial I once tended to underestimate, unfairly, on account of cosmetic factors -- the patrician accent, the cheezy album art, the NPR seal of middlebrow respectability. None of that matters. The first chorus of her solo on The Intimacy of the Blues on this set ought to set anyone straight about this woman's talents. The whole record is superb. What I've heard of her dozens of other Concord recordings are very good, too, even if none of them quite measure up to this one, with Joey Baron in the rhythm section lighting a fire under everyone's ass. That can't hurt. either.

1. Intimacy Of The Blues
2. Isfahan

3. Lotus Blossom

4. Raincheck

5. Lush Life

6. U.M.M.G.

7. A Flower Is A Lovesome Thing

8. Take The 'A' Train

9. Day Dream
10. After All

Marion McPartland: p
Jerry Dodgion: as
Steve LaSpina: b
Joey Baron: dr

October 25, 1990

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