Thursday, September 4, 2008

Billy Higgins: Soweto

I gave this short shrift previously because of Bob Berg's presence -- I've never cared for that swaggering, balls-to-the-wall school of tenor players -- but listened carefully while uploading and was knocked out. The record is gorgeous. All original program, including two Higgins tunes. I'd pay for a recording of Higgins tapping his fingers on a steering wheel. He sang beautifully, too.

Bob Berg – ts, Cedar Walton – p, Tony Dumas – b, Billy Higgins – dr, gtr, voc., other instruments
Recorded at Barigozzi Studios, Milano, Italy, January 21, 1979

1. Soweto (Higgins) (9:20)
2. Clockwise (Walton) (8:08)
3. Neptune (Berg) (5:36)
4. Back To Bologna (Walton) (8:05)
5. Bahia, Bahia, Bahia (Higgins) (10:20)


Festoonic said...

sasha said...

Many thanks for this...Yup for Mr Higgins alone this is worth checking out..I'm kinda partial to Tony Dumas too..Completely left field from this do you have a link to 'Porto Novo' Marion Brown..I'm trying to track it down and noted your interest on another blog..

Festoonic said...

You're welcome, Sasha.

I found "Porto Norvo" somewhere but it sounds dreadful. Someone remarked it was recorded that way, but I don't remember it sounding like that last time I heard it on vinyl, oh, about 35 years ago or so...

I'll post it soon, if you're interested, warts and all. The holy grail for me is Paul Bley's "Mr. Joy," which I have on a vinyl budget reissue (Trip is the label) that's so poorly pressed it's almost unlistenable. I converted it to mp3 and monkeyed with it, but I wasn't able to improve anything. Please keep me in mind if you stumble across it. So far as I know, it hasn'y been reissued on CD.

Anonymous said...

Love this album...thanks for putting it up!

emerald blue said...

please, mr. festoonic, post mr. jpy on your blog, no matter how awful it sounds... I'm a bley addict and this one misses from my about 80 paul bley recordings collection.

best wishes!

Anonymous said...

Muchas gracias!!!

cvllos said...

Nice discovery!
congrats for your job, your effort and choice: Higgins & Walton are killers!

Peter said...

Thanks very much for this, Mr Festoonic!

And greetings to your poodle!