Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Billy Hart: Enchance

My favorite part of maintaining this occasional blog is digging out and posting a recording for its value as an obscurity, and discovering along the way just how good it is. My recollections of Enchance were that it was a well-intentioned project by a great drummer that somehow missed the mark. This despite a jaw-dropping assortment of talent -- everybody is on this record. Hey, what do you know? I was wrong again. It's not more than the sum of its parts, but it's pretty goddamn good all the same -- at least the sum of its parts. Hart's recent group with Ethan Iverson on piano is downright astounding, too. Buy and see.

1.Diff Customs (Lake) 5:44
2.Shadow Dance (Holland) 7:43
3.Layla-Joy (Hart) 6:55
4.Corner Culture (Redman) 2:47
5.Rahsaan is Beatiful (Peterson) 4:31
6.Pharoah (Pullen) 9:31
7.Hymn for the Old Year (Lake) 8:48

Billy Hart (dr,perc); Oliver Lake (as,ss,fl); Dewey Redman (ts)(not on 5.); Hannibal Marvin Peterson (tp,koto); Eddie Henderson (tp,flh,el flh)(1,3,5); Don Pullen (p, el p), Buster Williams (b)(1,3.5); Dave Holland(b)(2,4,6,7); Michael Thabo Carvin (perc)(5)

February 24 and March 3, 1977, Generation Sound, NYC
CD: A&M CD-0818


Festoonic said...


Simon666 said...

Hi there,
I’ve linked to your page in my post of Kenny Barron – “Innocence” (1978) (in the paragraph that talks about Billy Hart at the time)
All the Best,
Simon from Never Enough Rhodes

Anonymous said...

Uaaaauuuuuh...! Oliver Lake, Dewey Redman, Don Pullen, Dave Holland... Increíble! Gracias, muchas gracias!

James A. Naismith said...

I just found your blog by goggling this album. Very excited by your taste in music!



Anonymous said...

Thank you !!!

Anonymous said...

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JazzDoIt said...

Festoonic, thank you man. Great crew, great sinergy.... astounding sounds. It must be the personnel, because every piece is in the right place. I guess the "guilt" is for the remasterization either.

Greetings from Bolivia